by Mar 29, 2020Piano Moving

Acoustic pianos are huge instruments. They are not easy to move and if not done correctly can be very dangerous.

Some of the problems you can incur if you do not use a professional company are :

  1. You can get hurt Moving a piano requires skills and experience. You can damage your back, your knees, your muscles. It Is very dangerous to try even if you are not alone. 
  2. You can damage the piano, or even break it.  If you try to move a piano and you don’t know how to do it, you can scratch it, you can break the case and even the internal mechanism. 
  3. You can end up spending so much more money because you will have to call a professional to sort out the problems.

We have had clients who recruited the man a van or a removal company with no experience, who was left in horrible situations with the piano left outside, in the street, because they don’t have the skills and experience to move it up the stairs, or left in front of their door. You think you are saving money, but in reality, you are not because you are going to need to call a professional.

Save yourself some grief and call a professional. We are here to help and we have decades of experience which means we can do this job properly, safely and faster.