Do you need to move your piano but you are not sure how it works?

Check these Q and A and feel free to get in touch if you need any more help. Removing an upright or grand piano is a very delicate process and it is very important that you have a chat with the removal specialists you have chosen. We have a team of skilled and experienced specialists who will give you honest and effective answers to all of your questions.

Do you provide insurance ?

Yes we do.

How do you transport the piano?

Make sure the piano is transported safely. Check with the piano movers if they need to dismantle the piano. Provide your piano moving company with all the relevant details and let them know if there are any access issues. If that’s the case, the piano might need to be dismantled, which is something that all professional piano movers know how to do. This is an extra service, and the company will let you know what they charge in advance.


Do you dismantle the piano if needed ?

Yes, we do. A quote will be provided once we know all the details.


Do you offer piano disposal?

Yes, we do. A quote will be provided once we know all the details.


What details and information do you require?

Make sure you give us the full collection address, full delivery address, let us know if the are any access issues, let us know if the properties have stairs or lifts or both.  Provide the piano movers with all the relevant information regarding the move.


What do you mean by Access Issues?

Anything that will and can create a problem during a move such as: low ceilings, narrow turnings, steps, tight corners, small entrances/doors etc.


Do you need the model and type of piano?

Yes please, let us know whether it is an upright or grand piano and the measurements if possible.


Do you need pictures of the instrument and properties?

In some cases, it is helpful to see some pictures. So if you have some, please do send them. It will help us.


Do you protect the floors during the move?

This is entirely up to the customer. If you do require us to protect the floors please let us know so we can come prepared.


How many years of experience have you got?

We have decades of experience. Practice makes perfect so try to go with a company with experience in moving all kinds of pianos in all kinds of situations.


Have you got at least one qualified person in your team?

Yes, we do. More than one.


Can you give us a quote and let us know what the quote includes?

As mentioned before, please make sure you give all the important information. Moving a grand piano is more expensive than moving an upright piano. If the movers need to go up and down 5 flight of stairs for example, or if they need to dismantle the piano, the locations they need to get to.,if there are access issues or anything that can make the removal slightly more complicated must be taken into consideration when giving a quote.

A straightforward piano move costs from £ 150 pounds.

All our quotes include insurance.


Do you provide an invoice and confirmation of the booking?

Yes we do. We will send you both, an invoice for you to make a payment online or over the phone, and an email confirming the appointment. In the invoice, we state our terms and conditions.


Do you require payment upfront to secure the booking?

Yes, we do.  Usually, we require the payment 48/24 hours before the day of the move.


These are some of the most important points to take into consideration when moving a piano. Please remember each piano is unique and each job is different. If you think the piano might not fit in your new property or in your property if you are buying one for the first time, we can always come to assess the place.( quote will be provided ).

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